Options directionality..?

I got a set of KP Options for Christmas, and immediately cast on for my very first sweater. These needles are like butter… So SMOOTH! And the little clickity clack is actually kind of relaxing.


Do you find yourself losing track of which direction you’re working in in the round? I’m doing simple ribbing, put my work down to reply to an email, and then picked it back up to start working again. I look down, about 20 stitches later, and there is a big ugly hole. I figure oh heck, I must have dropped a stitch. So I worked backwards to the spot, and realize that the yarn is going in the wrong direction for it to be a dropped stitch… Bleh. So I turn it around, and poof. Problem solved. I was working backwards.

I’m to tempted to buy a set of the Harmony needles now, just so I can have one wood and one metal… left and right.

Am I alone? Completely crazy? lol I feel so silly for doing that, but it happens all the time!

If so, what do you do to keep track?

When you are working in the round, your working yarn is always coming from the right needle. Does that help?

Congrats on your new needles!


I know, I do that too! Then I think that the yarn should be on my right side, not left.

LOL-I’ve done that too!! What I do is just remember the yarn is supposed to be coming from the needle on the right, if it’s not, I’m knitting backwards!

Hope that helps! :stuck_out_tongue:

What she said.

Hehehe yeah I know, but I guess I just get lost in the sea of color and just go. It seems so simple… until you actually mess it up :smiley:

I think thats why I should get the Harmony needles too… It like flying stunt kites. They have two different lines, one red, one black. Right is Red. Always will be. Makes it easy to remember. :slight_smile:

I think you’re just making an excuse to get Harmonies :teehee:

smirk Who me?!

I agree, I think you are looking for an excuse to buy Harmonies. I have just about decided to make the jump. Probably by the end of today I will place my order. Somebody twist my arm Please!

Maybe you can get a pin or make one that has an arrow on it (for example, I have a button pin that says “I’m with stupid” and has an arrow pointing to one side- yes, the pin was from my snarky phase in the 80s) so that you can fasten it to the work when you put it down. When you pick it up, you will know which way to go because the arrow will show you the way. Or tie a bow with contrasting-colored extra yarn on the right side of the work so that you can make sure the right side is facing you when you pick up the needles again.


twist… poke… nudge… enough?

What ever works. Go for it.:roflhard:

Ok. I put my sock down and going to my purse for my credit card. I also saw some sale yarn I have to try as long as I’m there. Thanks Songbirdy. It’s now all your fault.

are you alone?? heck no, I am actually using my Harmonies in JUST that way on my Sweater I M working on (I am doing both sleeves at once on a magic loop)
are you crazy? HHhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm, I have no idea, lets get together next time you are in maine and I will let you know after 2 Mocha’s from Chases Daily. Deal?


I ordered the Harmonies. Big sigh, It’s done and I’m relieved and excited. I also had to order a couple of skeins of yarn so I have something to cast on with to go with my new needles.
Darn they won’t be here until next year.

At least next year is only a few day away!