Options coming un-screwed

does this happen to anyone else?! i’m working on a sweater, using 32-in, US9 circ. needles. every once in awhile i look down and find the needle coming UNscrewed! i’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong or what…

they just arrived last friday, so, of course, i hurriedly cast on a first project. is this what i can expect when using these? i sure hope not!

thanks! :hug:

I haven’t had one untwist during a project…mom did when she first started using them… she wasn’t getting them tight enough… are you using the key to help you get them tight enough? Mine are always on so tight that without the key I can’t get the needles to budge if I want to take them off… mom could easily untwist hers when she first started using them…

I know some had sets where the needles wouldn’t twist on at all and KP replaced them very quickly…

I had a really funny pun here about unscrewed, but I guess I better leave it unsaid! :teehee:

the key… what key…? :doh:

as soon as i posted this thread, i thought, wait a second… haha, purlygirl!

:teehee: Purlygyrl~ That is why I used untwist :teehee:

:teehee: Yep, there is a cable key…hereis a picture of it on KP’s site and then at the bottom there is a picture of them using it…

Yep, when I am impatient and just twist them on by hand rather than digging through my needle bag for the key they do come unscrewed. In fact yesterday i was casting on another project and had to get a new needle size out and I actually took the time to tighten all of my needles. I had a worry free knitting day after that.

thanks! i feel a bit silly now… i was just so anxious to start the sweater and to finally use the options that everyone raves about, i didn’t pay any attention to the weird thing (read: KEY) in the package.

thanks so much!

I think most people forget to use the little key… we all just want to start knitting! :knitting: :slight_smile:

When I twist in my option using the key, I also use one of those rubber grippy things (for opening jars and such) to keep a good grip on the needle itself. Works like a charm.


I always use the key and normally don’t have any problems. I DID have a problem once (and only once) with a needle tip coming unscrewed. I was doing some massive cables that put a lot of torque on the needle tip. It started to unscrew as a result. But I noticed it before it totally came undone because the stitches started catching in the gap.