Option's Cable

I just got my Option’s set yesterday!!! :cheering: I looove them. :inlove: But I have a question… Since the cables are curling from being packaged the way they were, is it possible to straighten them out? Because I have already started using my set and the cable is getting to be kind of a pain. Also, if there is a way to straighten them, can you do it more than once if I am going to be putting it back in a small compartment? Thanks!

My Options cables don’t hold their curled up shape at all, but here is what I do with other cables that do stay curled up.

Run very very warm water over the cable for a few mins to soften it up. Usually that is enough, but if it’s not, then lay it flat and put a phone book on top of it while it cools off. That should do the trick.

Hope you love your Options, I ADORE mine!!

You could always spread it out straight on your car’s dashboard, close the door, and let the heat straighten it for a few minutes.

Mine usuallyu stay straight, even after having been curled up. I do, however, place them in the KP platic pockets that are 1/2 or 1 full page, rather than the smaller sections. They are so much better than other circulars I’ve tried that I don’t notice the small amount of curl they maintain.

I think Sandy’s idea about the dashboard is brilliant, especially this timie of year.

Mine usually start to uncurl when I get a good amount of the project on them. After a bunch of rows the weight from the project seems to keep them straight.

Thanks everybody! I agree with Kaydee, after knitting for awhile my cable has uncurled. If I need anymore help though this is definitely useful!!! :slight_smile: