Options, a "Duhh" moment

The back of my sweater is getting a bit unruley knitting back and forth on circulars. I was thinking I don’t like this very much, I wondered if I should go back to straight needles so instead of twisting around in my lap it would travel across.

Duhh, I’ve got other cables and cable ends. (I even suggested that to someone who thought knitting flat in the round would be confusing, before I got the set.)

Not only does it avoid the constant twisting/untwisting it makes the stitches slide over the cable easier (the stockinette is wrapping around the cables badly with this yarn). Now sliding over the hump isn’t bad at all.
It cut 2 minutes per row off my time.

I guess this is why they call them “options”. It’s nice to have them, Options with options.
I wish I would’ve thought about this 2 skeins ago.

:rofl: I’m glad you have figured out now… I have Duhh moments all the time :rofl:

It’s my birthday and my boyfriend finally let me have the knitpicks options set he ordered for me ages ago. I haven’t put them down all day.

Yay for Options!!

:woot: Happy Birthday!! :woot:

:wink: Believe me you aren’t the only one that has had DUH, moments…lol you just admitted it online… the rest of us are lurking, lol

Happy Birthday, Rhea. Hasn’t the boyfriend ever heard of early gifts? :slight_smile:

LOL, I guess I’m used to people admitting to shooting their bows without arrows (dangerous to the person and damaging to the bow) on an archery forum. Since I’ve never done that not thinking these can also be used as straight needles seems minor.