Option nickel or Harmony wood? HELP!

I’ve been thinking about this for about 3 weeks. I want to get a set of interchangable needles decided on Knitpicks I just don’t know if I want wood or nickel. Help!! Which should I buy and why. What do you have?

when I have the money I am buying the nickel needles. I have knitted on bamboo for 2 years and then I picked up a pair of nickel plated Addi’s and haven’t looked back! I would just buy all Addis but can’t afford it…they are around $15.00 per pair! I have been told by people here that the nickel ones here are just like Addis.

I’ve got the nickel-plated ones (have had them for almost 2 months now) and I LOVE them. I can’t stress how much I love these needles. It makes me giddy to use them.

I’m not a wooden needle person. I was nearly swayed by the good looks of the Harmony needles, but in the end, I really am a nickel-plated girl at heart. Prior to my Options, I was buying up Addis at every opportunity.

And honestly? I love these every bit (if not MORE, due to price and convenience) as I do my Addi needles. They are fantastic.

If you love to knit on wood, you’ll probably love the Harmony needles - though I hear they’re slicker than you’d expect. But if you’re like me and you want speedy, shiny, nickel-plated goodness, there’s simply no other choice. :slight_smile: They are amazing.

Just my 2¢.

I have heard that as well. But the wooden ones are real pretty…

LOL! I think we posted at the same time!

You could get a set of cables and one pair of each needle tips and try out both of them to see what you like better.

That’s a good idea!

I have the nickel set and a single set of the Harmony tips. I bought the nickel set a year ago then bought the Harmony tips to try them out.

Here’s my take: Either perform well as superb needles. Both have pretty sharp tips for digging into tight stitches, and the wood Harmony tips are slicker than most wood, nearly comparable to the nickel.

I generally prefer wood simply for the look and feel…but then I also prefer organic products in general. I do NOT (repeat NOT) like the artificial colors on the Harmony tips. Some people like it, I find them hideous. I would much prefer tips in a variety of natural hardwoods: rosewood, ebony, etc.

All that being said, if I were buying again I would probably go with the Harmony set simply because of the feel of the wood vs. the feel of metal. Then I’d need to close my eyes while knitting so I didn’t see those colors.

BUT…sometimes the color of the yarn also is a factor. Dark yarns show up better against the nickel and light yarns show up better against the Harmonys…

Either way, though, you will have a superb set of needles that will serve you well in almost all of your knitting projects.

I have found in the past through buying cheap jewellery that I am allergic to base metal. Not sure if nickel is one of them but I suspect that it is, has anyone had any allergy issues with the nickel needles??
All my needles are the plastic coated aluminium ones

Here’s a link to a thread that Art Lady started comparing her options to her harmonies. It made me glad I ordered Harmonies for myself.

I am super allergic to base metals, especially nickel, and I just ordered two sets of KPs fixed circs. When they arrive and I get a chance to use them, I will let you know. I know other people on the boards have said that they haven’t had issues, but I’m still a bit weary myself.

I love bamboo needles, any wood really, and I am very very happy with my Harmony needles. My 2 cents worth. :muah:

Thanks everyone. I still don’t know which to buy LOL! I almost bought the nickel ones the other night but grrrr…if someone would have bought them for me for Christmas I wouldn’t be having this problem!! Right now I think I want the wood…???

I’ve got a set of both (i know, i know, i’m spoilt). Both have their place, though if I had to choose I think I’d go for the harmony. They are much less grabby than bamboo, though not as slippy as the nickel, so are a good all-rounder, the only issue might be if you were knitting with darker yarn. However they are both great - win, win situation really!

Personally, I think I want the wood, but I don’t really know. I’m kind of turned off by the apparently stunning-super-shinyness of the nickel – I’m afraid I’ll be blinded by the reflection from the sun coming through the windshield when I’m working in the car!

Really, only YOU are going to know what you want and why! Good luck with whatever you decide! :knitting:

I decided on the Harmonys because I already had an eclectic collection of mainly metal and some balene circulars. I like the idea of having a choice of metal or wood. I may end up with a few options as well to fill out the smaller sizes of needles.