Opposite edge of all-in-one jacket


Hi there, I’m nearing the end of a jacket knitted in one piece and in 3 colours, Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Easy Playtime Set. Patt. No. 60700A.
Having completed Shape Left Front I am now on Shape Right Front which requires you to reverse the shaping instructions. I understand the instructions but I’m finding that the edge of the jacket on this side is not working out very neatly as its the edge on which I have to incorporate the 3 strands of different coloured wools, which for the Left front were on the seam edge.I tried having the wool at the other end (seam edge) of Front Right, but found that the finish was the reverse stitch forming on the front. How can I knit the Right Front edge as neat as the Left Front Edge please.


Are you catching the yarn that is being carried up the edge?

The only other thing I can think of is to play around with adding one extra row on this front so that the yarn changes color at the seam edge.


Thank you for the reply, I am going to try another of the methods given in the video so hopefully it will look better!