Opinions Please

I’m knitting the Caron Sage Throw. The measurements are 34" x 50".

This is the only throw I’ve come across that’s 34" wide. Am I the only one? 34" just seems a bit narrow to me. :?? I’m not going to alter the pattern. I just wanted to hear (err … read) what others think. :wink:

Yes, I agree–34" is pretty narrow. But you know what? It would look great on one of those lounge chairs, or the lounge portion of a sectional sofa. You know those things I mean?

That’s a beautiful throw Ekg… I really like it, esp the colour.
Do you not mind acrylic? I’ve been tempted to do some acrylic things because the darn wool is so expensive.

I think it’s nice to have a different size throw, smaller as in this case will be good for certain times, like when you’re just a little chilly not a lot! And yeah, it would look good on a chaise or chair.


:?? :?? :??
:oops: :oops: :oops:

I totally don’t mind acrylic; you’re typing to the acrylic queen. :wink: This pattern didn’t look good in the colors that I need for the throw, so I frogged it for this.
:frog: Hmm??? I think we need a happy frogging emoticon now b/c it appears that not all frogging is bad :thumbsup:

I’ll probably go back to it with a better color. :wink:

Hi Ek,

The Throw that is suppose to be knitted for me is 40x60… hope this helps you…

That’s more the size I’m used to. The Envelope Afghan that I decided to do will about 40" x 54"; although, I think mine will be slightly larger b/c I’m use size 10.5 (US). :wink:

Wow …: :o The Envelope Afghan looks great on size 10.5! In case y’all wanted to know … :oops: