Opinions Please!

Hello all!
I am thinking about getting the Denise interchangeable needle set. I have seen some mixed reviews on amazon. I want to get a nice but less expensive set to start off with since I am a beginning knitter… I will be doing more advanced projects with this set! Any opinions or other sets for this price point i should consider??? Thank you everyone!!


So are you looking at the ones that are about $55.00? I ask so that people who give an opinion have that number in front of them since it’s an important issue for you.

First of all, I’ve not bought the Denise needles–mainly because many people here do not like how inflexible the cords are. They’re too thick to do magic loop or traveling loop.

Have you also looked at the interchangeable needles at Knitpicks and Webs? They are slightly pricier, but the cords are very flexible and can handle magic loop well.

I recently bought a set of the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Interchangeables from Webs. I love them! That was money well spent.

Also, Boye recently came out with a new set of wood interchangeable needles (and nickle-plated, too, I believe). It looks like the cords for these new sets are comparable to the cords of the Webs and Knitpicks needles, but I have not tried them, and I’ve not found a lot of reviews on them. So I leave it up to you whether you want to take a chance on these or not. Historically, of course, Boye has made lots of high quality products, but that may have changed in recent years.

There are other brands–Hiya Hiya and others, but they are much more expensive than the Denise needles.

If you’re determined to go with the Denise needles, I saw that someone on here has a set for sale. Will try to figure out who that was. Also, I notice at the top of my screen there’s an ad for Rainbow Denise Interchangeable Needles available from Knitting Help–it also says “Free Delivery.”

ETA: Okay, I found the poster who had Denise needles for sale. Her user name is artsy1. You can search for her post, click on her user name, and then send her a private message.

You’re sure to get lots more feedback, but you can also search KH for “interchangeable needles.” It’s a topic that’s discussed with gusto about once a month around here.

For me the Denise needles were OK until I realized I wanted to do things like magic loop. Then I decided I really didn’t like the cables. I also had problems with things like K2tog because of the blunt tips. I had tips come loose from cables in the middle of a row and that was a real vocabulary builder. Their customer service was great inasmuch as they replaced pieces, no problems. I ended up with the Knit Picks Options, the WEBs needles are clones of them and totally interchangeable so far as I can tell. The deciding factors on which to choose was: Knit Picks gives free shipping on orders over $50 and they had a sale on. I’ve not listed my Denise set for sale because I have one or two stray pieces out of the case but would sell them.

I have them, but don’t use use them anymore for the same reasons stated by GG. I prefer my Knitpicks and Hiya Hiya needles for the thin flexible cables. The few extra bucks was completely worth it.

I have Knit Picks Harmony Interchangeables, but have decided I don’t like the cables, they are too stiff.

I recently got a fixed circular needle from Knitter’s Pride (Dreamz) and I LOVE them. The cable is nice and soft and doesn’t curl up. I think I will look into those next. I hear their Karbonz are nice, too, but I really like wooden needles best so far.

You should contact Knit Picks. The cable shouldn’t be stiff. Knit Pics Options and Knitter’s Pride cables are clones, except for color. That’s my experience.

Thanks for the advice! The last set of cables I got was so stiff it was a nightmare! When I was trying to join my knitting I had to tape the cables in place on the table because they kept popping up. It reminded me of the cartoons where a guy is going to the opera and his starched bib keeps flapping up in his face because it’s so stiff. It was really frustrating, and even dipping them in boiling water did absolutely nothing. I will definitely ask them about it, because I LOVE the needles!

Good. Let us know what they do, OK?

I had Denise but have now switched to “Knit Pro” Symfonie as I find the cables much easier to deal with …

I prefer using DPNs over magic loop. Also, I have nickel plated KPs but the tips are too sharp for me (and I find the needles too slick for non-lace knitting. ) I also have the plastic ones and they’re ok.

I am considering getting Denise needles and I already have. several interchangeable sets. I love the fact Denise are made in the USA.

I just took that ad down as we sold out of our Rainbow sets this morning. :wink: We need to dye up another batch, so it may be a few weeks before they are available again. We do have regular blue and pink sets still and offer them with free priority shipping within the US:


We are also working on getting Knitter’s Pride sets in our shop. Still trying to determine which of their kits would be most popular.

How much do the rainbow sets run? coff

Ohh! Whoops! Sorry about that. I was just trying to direct business your way. Glad to hear you’ve sold out, but my, that was untimely on my part, now wasn’t it? :teehee:

They are $72.49. You can take a look here:


Amy came up with the idea back around the time we started this site in 2004. She loved the Denise needles, but disliked the bland color. Other knitters were interested so we started colorizing the needles ourselves and selling them in the store. We have been selling them ever since.

And I should mention that purchasing from our store directly supports this website and our work. KnittingHelp.com is our work and what Amy and I do. :slight_smile:


Since you guys taught me how to knit - I want to help you out. I love this site, I tell people who want to learn how to knit to go here.

If I could afford it, I would purchase every darn needle type and set out on the market!
Each project has it’s own special needs! :happydance: