Opinions please!

I got a great skein of Noro ( # 150, a grey, pale blue, greenish mix ) and am thinking of making this http://www.magknits.com/Jan06/patterns/matilda.htm scarf with it. Would you use black or a dark grey to mix with it? Or another color entirely?

Also, I¨m thinking of making some scarfs for my friend´s daughters - she´s doing some yarn shopping for me to send yarn along with my BIL who is coming here for Christmas… Any one have some suggestions for some cute ( quick ) scarves for girls ( ages 4 - 11 )??? I was thinking of looking through the dishcloth patterns and making a basic scarf with a design on either end.

Any ideas??? :pray:


I think I’d use black with the noro, because I’d worry that a dark grey would blend in too well.

As for the other scarves, I think the design at each end is a lovely idea! My girls would LOVE to have nice soft scarves with hearts or stars or something like that at each end. :slight_smile:

Karen that Noro yarn is REALLY scratchy,Don’t know if making a scarf out of it is a good idea.I use if for felting projects.