Opinions please

I am in a quandry and need everyone’s help. I am getting ready to order the organza ribbon for my dd’s sweater below. It will be seen just a bit on the left front there at the wrap then completely across the back where it ties. I want opinions on which of these colors to use. You get to vote for the royal, silver, or white. I already have one vote for the silver. Please help me decide.

I like the royal, but the silver is nice too.

I will go for the royal .

The sweater is lovely.

I vote for Royal.

I vote for royal. I love the tone-on-tone thing–wouldn’t distract from the beautiful knitting.

I like the white

I like the royal. The sweater is beautiful!

Just my dumb ol opinion but I think it should contrast a bit so I’d say the silver.

My first inclination is to with royal. However if kind of depends on w hat she might be wearing it with and what occasion. If it were a more casual situation then the silver might be too much, but royal goes with anything IMO.

I like the white the best.

I vote for the silver - or white - something to contrast

I like the royal so that if she was wearing it with a print that had royal but not white or silver, it wouldn’t throw in another color that might not (or might) go. In the end you have to decide. Ain’t that the pits. :slight_smile:

I pick silver

I would love the silver if the outfit is going for a dressed-up look, but royal if it’s casual :slight_smile: Making those decisions really sucks!!

I vote silver

Ooooh, pretty!

[U]I vote for the Royal[/U] for an understated look, but if you want it to pack a bit more punch, silver. (Or white - I’m hopeless…)

Others have pointed out that it’s not fun to make such tough decisions, but from where I stand, you can’t really go wrong with any of these.

If all else fails, make all three! :knitting:

I vote for the blue. I think the lighter colors will contrast too much and call more attention to itself than the beautiful sweater. It seems the ribbon is supposed to be an accent rather than a major facet of the garment.

It’s beautiful! :muah: When you are done, please post the FO pics’.

Thank you all for your opinions. The majority of you split between the silver and the royal. Since I was going to put snaps on the ribbons and the sweater anyway so they can be removed for washing or exchanged, I am going to buy a spool of silver and one of the royal. I will make two sets so they can be interchanged by unsnapping! You all are the best!!!

Awesome idea with the snaps. The silver might make it dressy. Looks like it will be an awesome Christmas party sweater :wink: