Opinions on using different-sized needles

[size=6]at either end of a circular needle…[/size]

I’ve been working this project on 13s, and I’m wearing out the tip of my right index finger pushing the stitches up onto the left needle tip, and I thought, well if they’re being stubborn…why not use a size smaller needle? The weird thing is…I don’t knit tight!!! :??

But I guess the weight of the project & the fact that they’re on a thin cable allows the loops to get small & harder to push back up to be knit again?

Anyway, I changed & it’s easier…I’m just wondering if there’ll be any gauge effect…it doesn’t seem like there should be…I’m making sure that I’m pushing the stitches beyond the taper before going to the next, so I should be OK, right??? :thinking:



:thinking: :thinking: I haven’t a clue. :?? My gut feeling is that there must be a difference in gauge, but I guess you’ll have to let us know. Maybe if there is, it will be slight enough to make no difference. I’d think the stitch size is mainly determined by the right needle, but never having used two sizes, I’d be interested to see what happens.

I’ve read that it doesn’t make a difference, but haven’t tried it either. I’d love to know, because I have a project waiting that I’d like to do that if it works. If you try, please let us know!


I’ve just finished one round, and the stitches are moving alot easier and faster!!! I don’t even have to push them up! They’re just there ready to be knit. :cheering:

I’m thinkin’ I’m just gonna continue with this, 'cause the project isn’t one that requires any kind of exact shaping. It’s the moebius cat basket (felted project KAL).

If anyone else has a thought/opinion/experience with doing this, please do chime in!!!