Opinions on targhee wool

i just won 2 pounds of Raw Targhee on ebay

during my search to make sure i was getting a good price i saw that this was supposed to be a very nice soft wool… but i’ve never felt it before so i have no idea!

anyone used this kind of wool before? what’s it like?


easy to spin, soft enough to wear next to skin.
I’d spin it again myself…

sounds good, thanks!

A quick reference for various sheep breeds can be found at

I recommend you get the book: “In Sheep’s Clothing: A Handspinner’s Guide to Wool” by Nola & Jan Fournier.

Have you worked with raw fleece before?

thanks for the book rec.

i actually got it today and have a little bit soaking right now if it works out well i’ll be doing more tonight and probably posting about it over in the washing fleece thread

i haven’t worked with raw fleece before but i have more coming already!

a couple pounds of a lincolin-finn cross and some raw alpaca

i also got a business card from someone to possibly get some mixed color llama fleece

so i’ll be learning pretty quickly!