Opinions on Florida Bag lining

Okay so I was doing pretty well…had the lining picked out and was just working on getting around to putting it together. then i made the mistake of going to the fabric store today and found two others that i liked a LOT. Now i can’t completely decide which one i want to use. I THINK i know which one but i would like to hear opinions…

Since it’s a FLORIDA bag, my preference would be for the one in the middle.

Me too. I pick the one in the middle. Very pretty. :smiley:

I think the middle one is my favorite, too!

Here I am to jump on the bandwagon, I like the middle one best as well!

:shock: brendajos is lining?? this can’t be so… her mom will be in shock… oh wait just picking out fabric and lining are two different things… :lol:

:thinking: hmm I like both the middle and last… but gonna say middle cause it looks brigher than the others :rofling:

I vote for either the 2nd or 3rd
I really like your bag! Can’t wait to see which you choose!

I gotta go for the last one. I love the little flowers!

I love love love the 3rd one! :heart:

lol Dustina you know me too well. (notice that NONE of those will match Mom’s Bag! :rofling: ) Actually the greens are about the same color. The one with the shirts though is just shiny and the other isn’t! :wink:

I had originally bought the orange flowers for the bag but then i saw those other two and knew they had to come home with me…lol. The shirts was the one i was leaning towards and I think it is the one I will go with. I do have another bag that i think will work with the flowers so it will NOT be neglected.

of course i have a RIDICULOUS amount of the orange flowers fabric that i have to find uses for now! :rofling:

thank you very much for your assistance ladies! :thumbsup: