Opinions on colors wanted!

I have a horrible time making decisions of any kind, especially when it comes to colors!!! I’m making the fiber trends clogs for my mom & stepdad. Do you think these color combos look nice together?

Mom: WOTA Black Cherry Heather(MC) & Fern(bumper/cuff)
Stepdad: WOTA Evergreen(MC) & Snickerdoodle(bumber/cuff)

Thanks for any input! :muah:

Those look good to me! I used fern and cranberry in a purse and it looked really nice so the black cherry should look pretty good.

I looked up the colors at Knit Picks, and just added them to my post so others could see the colors right away. These are the colors, right?

Black Cherry Heather (MC) and Fern (Bumper/Cuff)

Evergreen (MC) and Snickerdoodle (Bumper/Cuff)

I really like the Black Cherry Heather/Fern combo. :heart: I think that the Evergreen/Snickerdoodle combo looks nice, too, but I also like how it looks with a darker color for the bumper/cuff…

Like Evergreen (MC) and Coal (Bumper/Cuff)

Or Evergreen (MC) and Mist (Bumper/Cuff)

Another idea, since they are for your mom and stepdad, would be to use Evergreen instead of Fern in the ones for your mom. Then both pairs would have one color in common, without having to match.

I’m sure the clogs will look wonderful! :smiley:

I’m all about a really dark color for the sole of the clogs. I know how gross mine are…

I really like the black cherry yarn. It’s pretty.

The Black Cherry is gorgeous! I’m using it for a Lucy bag. It looks really nice with Coal. Evergreen also looks good with Coal. (I like darker soles, too!)

The colors look fabooo, but keep in mind that the snickerdoodle color will get dirty fasters. I agree with Sandra and stick with really dark colors for the soles for sure.

Thanks for the opinions guys! Lisa Kay, thanks for posting those pictures for me… it was late and I didn’t have any brain cells left to bother with that. :teehee:

I think I will make the bumper/sole a darker color for my stepdad’s. I had oriiginally thought that, but couldn’t decide which darker color looked best!

Now I am thinking Black Cherry & Coal and Evergreen & Coal.

Lisa, I want to know how you posted those pictures that way without each of them having to be in one of the boxes that they normally are. I’ve tried to drag and drop, but that didn’t work for me.

Can one of you point me to a pattern for these felted clogs? I’m interested in maybe making a pair too.

I like this color combo best. I don’t like red and green combos, generally, unless I really want to emphasize a xmas-y theme.

Those are lovely color combos!

I like those colour combos too. :smiley:

It is a fiber trends pattern. I bought my copy at my LYS for $5, but there’s lots of online vendors that sell it too!