Opinions on Araucania

Does anyone have any opinions on Aracania Nature Wool? I looked at Knitters Review, but I didn’t see a review for it :tap:. So, if you [I]have[/I] knit with it, can you tell me how you liked it? How soft is it? Would it work for a sweater? A cardigan-y sort of sweater? How does it knit up?

Thanks all - without a yarn shop close by, I need to rely on you to be my fingers and eyes!

IMHO, it is similar to Cascade 220 in texture, maybe a little coarser…I have only felted with it and I love the way it felts up!

I am not sure about using it for a sweater :shrug: Hopefully you will get input on that from other KH’ers…

I have a sweater made of it-- definitely softened after washing… I still wear a tank top underneath, but I’m pretty sensitive. It’s fine on the arms, just not more sensitive areas.

I found it fairly scratchy. If you’d like, I can mail you a piece of it for you to feel.
PM me your address.

I made this sweater with Araucania Nature Wool:

As I was knitting, thought it would be scratchy. It was nice to work with, I just had this sense that it was scratchy. I am pretty sensitive, but in the end, it turned out not to be a problem. I do wear a t-shirt under it, but that is to protect the sweater, not myself. It doesn’t bother my arms or neck. It would bug me if I didn’t have a t-shirt, but I even wear a t under my cashmere sweater. My LYS has a great price on it, and I love the color runs. I will definitely use it again in the future.

Thanks! You guys confirmed what I thought - that it might be a bit scratchy - but that it washes up softer is good to know.

And thanks, bip, for the photo - I was hoping it had color gradations like that, and now I know. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell!

And I so appreciate the offer, MommaGBH! I would take you up on it in a heartbeat, but I think I might just go ahead and get some - WEBS is having a sale on it - at least half off, I think, and since they have [I]other [/I]things I want, I think I’ll be placing an order soon! Plus I need swap stuff. I checked out your blog - your daughter is adorable! - Good luck in your swap - It’s not the KH one, is it?

I looked at yours too, Eloewein - That’s a pretty impressive stole! I’d love to see it finished!

Yep, my mom is visiting from Washington state next week and we are making a trip to Webs. Nature Wool is on my list. I got the blue for the sweater there last January (it was on sale, but not as much as it is now), it was so hard to choose the color! I think maybe I need some sort of green…

It’s my absolute favorite felting yarn – it felts really easily and gets this totally cool nubby texture. :thumbsup:

I’m officially jealous!

So Julie, you’re saying if I want a nice felted bag, (and I do) this would be a good yarn choice!

[SIZE=1][COLOR=silver][I]wondering if this is going to be the only post i am going to be able to make from work now that i have logged in here… imagining site getting blocked now that i have logged in…lol[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]
[COLOR=darkred]I have used this for felting and think it is great. I am not sure I would want to wear it but it sounds like it wears fairly okay. One thing that I have found INCREDIBLY annoying with their yarns though is that they are TERRIBLE at winding a hank. Every hank I have gotten has been a mess to unwind. Of course the colors are so pretty that I forget this until I take the band off and look at it again…lol[/COLOR]

:!!!:I don’t like your new job :verysad:
[SIZE=1][COLOR=silver][I]still happy you got it though but ya know…[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=black]:happydance: a new feltable yarn to put on my try list… thanks :thumbsup:[/COLOR]

I can’t send a direct link, but I’ve got pictures on my website-- which is blocked from work :stuck_out_tongue: http://www.dragonwingarts.com/gallery

There are pictures under the sweater category, I belive-- I made the Simple Knitted Bodice out of Nature wool and love how it came out!

Eleowein - I love that!! Love it! I would love it in ANY yarn - and I really do like the variation, subtle, but there. Where, oh where did you get that pattern?

Thanks so much for the link - and is that your infant? She’s adorable! I love the tiny babies!!

i have been wanting to knit a cardigan in the teal colorway and i was going to buy it from littleknits… all sold out now… (like i needed another project)