Opinions on a baby blankie

So, I FINALLY found a pattern that I’m drawn to for my baby blankie. It’s going to by my first shot at cables…ACK! What do you think of using Bernat Softee Baby for this? There’s two shades that I like, but one is more of a twisted color (it’s like it has one strand of blue and one strand of white spun together) and the other is the plain blue. I’m leary about using the twisted color with all the cables and pattern in it. I know I’m boring, but I really want to do this and do it fairly cheap in case I do screw it up royally! It’s almost impossible to find DK weight in stores unless I want to buy 20 skeins and then I’d never find matching dye lots. Here’s the link to the pattern:


What do you think of my color choice and is this okay for a first cable?


I think the pattern choice is good. I would go with the twisted blue and white yarn. The variations in the yarn will add excellent color changes with the pattern. Varigated yarn works well in patterns.:thumbsup:

i think its a great choice for your first cabling. since they repeat all over, you’ll probably have the pattern memorized! go with the color you like best! i think the denim marls color would be nice

Oooooo that is so pretty! :inlove:

I can’t remember the name of the color I liked. I just know it was blue and white. I think I’m going to have to play with it for a little while too. The pattern is all in inches, not stitches. I need to know how many stitches in each section so I can divide it evenly. Argh. It’s going to be fun to work this one out! But it’s so cool looking, I just can’t say no!