Opinions needed

Suddenly I am in baby shower mode! 2 of the women I work with are having babies this summer, and I have decided to knit each one of them a baby blanket. Luckily (for me!) both found out the sex of the baby and I was able to come up with a pattern I like.

Then I remembered that my boss’ daughter is pregnant as well! My boss is a really great guy, so I would like to knit a blanket for his daughter’s baby as well. She is not finding out the sex of the baby. I’ve been pouring over books and on Ravelry trying to decide what to make. I think I am down to 2 choices.


I would alter this one slightly (color-wise) but thought it was a good “neutral” blanket.



My boss is an AVID sailor. He and his family spend alot of time on their boat in Boston during the summer, as well as on Cape Cod. I thought this might really be cute for the baby. I was thinking of doing it in pale yellow and light blue if I opt for this choice.


For sailors, I like the second one better.

Hi, Margaret! :waving:

Awhile back I made a hooded baby wrap for the girl who works at the beauty salon where I regularly go. It’s a great pattern from Lion Brand. It’s basically a small blanket with a triangular piece fitted in the corner for the hood. I attached the triangle with ribbon instead of sewing it on so she could remove it when the baby grew out of it and still have the blanket. I wrapped a Teddy Bear up in it and then boxed it and wrapped the package. She loved it! But what she loved almost as much was the poem I wrote for her. I’m happy to share it with you if you’d like to use it also. She didn’t know the gender of her baby either. Here it is…

Every stitch contains a wish
For happiness and joy,
Whether you’re a lovely girl
Or a bouncing baby boy.
Just snuggle in this blanket
Where you’ll be safe and warm
Held in the protection
Of your loving Mama’s arms.
And while you sleep, dream softly
Of happy days to come
And know I made this little gift
To bid you “Welcome Home”!

Peace, Joy and Love
in your new life!

Good luck with your baby knitting! :o)


i love that poem I may add it in with the blanket I just finished for my boyfriend’s first niece or nephew

thanks so much Ruthie! That poem is perfect - love it!! :heart:

I like BOTH of those patterns! Good luck

Margaret, How fortunate your colleagues are to have your personal gifts. You asked for opinions; wow, don’t get me started. Both patterns would be great and appreciated I’m sure, however, I think, because your boss is so nautically involved, that all his friends etc. will be inundating the new, little one with sailor stuff. I’d choose the 1st pattern plus maybe a set of washcloths (they knit up in no time), one a tiny sailboat(to carry out your theme) plus others from “Leisure Arts baby washcloths to knit”. Check it out. You can see pictures online. I did a set from that book for a nephew. They are now framed and on his wall. To each his own but, sometimes it’s too much of a good thing. And that’s the truth. Jean

I like the second blanket, in one color.

Me, too! :thumbsup:

I think the sailor one would be beautiful! I agree with one color though.

Love poem - thanks!! And my vote would be for the 2nd pattern as well. :slight_smile:

there’s also a chunky weight blanket with sailboats on it in one of the knit along with debbie macomber books…

Baby girls are easy to knit for… baby boys not so much. I found out last week that my brother and his fiancee are expecting their first child this summer… a baby boy… bringing my grand total to 4 nephews.