Opinions for seaming garment made with Cascade Fixation

Here’s the deal - made a long leotard out of 7 different colors of Cascade Fixation. I have a part of one ball left, and wondered if it is okay to do seaming with. Would you use it or would you use something else? I have never used Fixation before so have no previous experience with how it would work for seaming. No matter what I do the color used for the seams will not match the colors of the garment as there are just too many colors!

Mattress stitch seams hide the seaming yarn pretty well. You can try a section and see how it looks.

Thanks Ingrid! I’m trying it now, and so far it looks ok. I have to make sure I get the tension just right since its so stretchy, but its not too bad.

The cool thing about fixation is that the stretchiness seems to hide mistakes and seams well… a woman at open knit at Chix made a baby cardi out of it & I taught her mattress st. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY!