Opinions about a pattern

I found a pattern for a sweater that I really like, but I’m pretty new at knitting, although I seem to be catching on fairly quickly. Can someone give me a good feeling for how difficult this sweater might be?? I’ve sewn in zippers before but never in a knitted item.

Does anyone know of any patterns that are less of a commitment that would teach me some of the skills needed in this pattern? For example: M1L and M1R – I have not idea what these are.


Amy has GREAT videos for both of those under “Basic Techniques” and “Increases”.

I was thinking about that sweater without a zipper, because I like the waist shaping. It doesnt look so low cut that you’d need one necessarily, does it?

Thanks, Kelly. And, you’re right. It really doesn’t look that low cut, but I bet you could also knit that opening shorter & leave the zipper out. I kinda like that idea! I’ve never been crazy about putting in zippers, but they’re really not as hard as everyone makes them out to be. :wink: