Opinion on where to get Red Heart Grande cheap

Okay, red heart is already cheap for yarn I know, but I went to Hobby Lobby today, and I was looking at prices for Red Heart Grande…well, they had only one color that I wanted (I’m wanting to make a hoodie from last year’s cast on)…Not only that, but They were about 3.42 a skein (I need 8 skeins, so this sounds like a lot of money to me - around 30 bucks). So I get online and find out that discountyarnsales.com sells it …around 8.43 per 3 skein bag…and they have all the colors I want. Now I did the math and it’s about the same amount of money either way (including shipping at discount yarns)…Should I keep looking around for a Cheaper way to get Red Heart Grande? Do you know of a place?

I want to make this hoodie so bad because it’s a fast knit )size ten and thirteen needles!)…but it will end up costing me more than it will cost to make Rogue! ( http://www.girlfromauntie.com >patterns to buy) This freaked me out because I was almost certain that I could make this tomboy hoodie faster and cheaper than rogue. Cold Fronts are already hitting us, so it’s COLD over here for us (It’s been like 65 degrees during the day as opposed to 100)…

What to do?!

I’m not sure what color you’re looking for, but Smiley’s has Red Heart for 77 cents-1.00 They don’t have Grande right now, but mabye they will later. They also have Red Heart Shetland Chunky, which might make a good substitute.

As far as $$$…I try to gauge how much I feel like I’ll wear the item and if I think it’s “trendy” (like might not want to wear it next year) and then try not to feel too guilty about spending a few more $$$ if it is something you will wear all the time. Even if you have to save for a little while it would be worth having exactly the yarn you want if you plan on wearing it a lot. Just my 2 cents :wink: Oh…you might also find a good substitute at Elann or Knit Picks. They both have lots of natural fiber yarn that is cheaper than the 3.42 you would spend on Red Heart.

I’ve been getting mine from Hobby Lobby (on sale) but its possible that Michaels or some such competitor might be holding a sale on the stuff.

That’s the best I can suggest… or maybe eBay…

Keep us posted as I may need to get more.

Wal-Mart sells Red Heart for about 2.17 a skein, depending on your locale it may vary a bit.

Woah whats this smileys place for 77 cents???!!! :shock: you been holding out on me!! Hide the credit card cause here in come!!! :shock: :hiding: :inlove:

Good price but don’t forget the shipping. Here is what it says:
Smiley’s Yarns flat rate shipping charge is always $9.95 per order
No matter how large the purchase, your shipping charge remains just $9.95.
The Minimum Order Requirement is for $30.00 of merchandise.
We ship with UPS only. Please be sure to give a street address for delivery.
We ship within the continental U.S.A. ONLY.
Susie who’s 32nd anniversary is today. :slight_smile:

oh dang…That’s too much money, but thanks for the link to Smiley’s. There’s always a catch :frowning:

I haven’t checked Wal-Mart yet, but I’ll go check it out. I wanted Light Thyme and Dark Thyme. (good thing about this is that my boyfriend gets walmart money from his dad every other week - they hand it out at his dad’s workplace) So thanks for the tip! :wink:

I tried ebay…I had no luck there, and I was sad about that. I may check and see when Micheal’s or hobby lobby have sales too if WalMart doesn’t cut it.

I’m not into really into trendy stuff (except on occassion when I like it before I know that everyone else does, but even then I like it for a longer period of time), so that’s not an issue. I hate my wardrobe anyway and am always trying to change it to fit into a retro fifties/early 20th century/funky-hip look. So if it’s out of style for other people, it may be in with me. Actually, I hate most of the clothes out there which is why I’ve become addicted to buying sewing and knitting patterns. :happydance: I’ll wear something that I knit for a long while - because I’ve never made something wearable and it’ll be that much more special.

I’m definitely going to check out Wal-Mart soon…This is so exciting :happydance: Can’t believe I didn’t think of that before. :thumbsup:

Wally World is the only LYS I have. :rofling:

Sweetie–gp to the Herrshnerrs ONLINE store–And sign for their newsletter, then go to Weekly Sale.–they have Red heart–I’m not sure which ones on sale right now–and if you sign up for the newsletter–you get a free shipping on first order. And they have a bunch of goodies there too–you may find just what you’re looking for–and til I saw a blurb about it–I’d never thought they’d be so cheap! :shock: