Opinion on knitting for felting project

I have a regular pattern I want to use but want to felt it. Does anyone know how many times bigger is suggested to make something so it felts to the correct size?

I can’t be of any help at all, but would love to know the answer. I’ve wondered many times, when I wanted to do the same thing. i hope you get lots of HELPFUL responses, unlike this one.

I’m certainly no expert since I’ve only felted one project, BUT I “think” it has to do with the yarn used. I believe some wool yarn felts faster/smaller than others. I did do before and after measurements on my Booga Bag, I could figure out the percentage if you’d like. I think it was around 30%.

It depends on so many variables I’m not sure anyone can really give you a definitive answer.

The type of yarn, sometimes color, stitch, and felting method all play into it. I suggest making a swatch that is to gauge in the color, needle size and yarn you want and then measure it before felting and after and see what the difference is. That should give you some idea of how it’ll respond.

FYI: I found a site where the woman was teaching people how to felt and she said the same thing about a swatch and felt it, but she also said it should be about 20-25% larger

As Jan said, swatching is very important if you want your felting to result in a particular size. For instance, it’s not uncommon for stockinette to shrink more vertically than horizonally, so you may have to compensate for that in your pre-felting dimensions.


So true…I have learned this through experience multiple times. Definitely make it longer than you think you need to. As others said, it really depends on the yarn but I’d shoot for more like 30% bigger (just my personal experience)