Opinion on baby's yarn

I need yarn purchasing advice.

Long story short, in the country where I now live, yarn choices are limited and expensive, but shipping (even bulk) is even worse. I’ve managed to find one bulk company that has reasonable shipping, so they’re really my only option. Unfortunately, that means my yarn options are limited.

I’m knitting for a baby (mine) due in May and we live in a tropical climate, so cool fiber is a must. I usually go for wool, but for a baby who pees, poops, and spits up, it must be superwash/nonfelting, which isn’t an option from my supplier. My next choice is cotton or plant blends. Last is acrylic, due to its heat.

My only options are a 60% cotton 40% acrylic baby yarn or a 100% cotton regular yarn. I know the baby yarn will be soft, but I’m concerned that with the high acrylic content, it might be too hot for a tropical summer. With the cotton, I’m concerned that it might not be soft enough. I know cotton gets softer with repeated washing, but I also know fabrics tend to be stiff and scratchy when air-dried, and we don’t have a dryer.

Getting a sample to test the feel is not an option.


Welcome to KH. Talk about a real tough one, this is it! What are you planning to knit? All cotton should be OK for some things. I want to suggest large needles for a more open fabric but I’m not sure how that would work with baby fingers and toes getting caught in it. I dry most of my laundry on drying racks most of the time and with some shaking cotton things aren’t really rough. I hate to suggest other than knitting on a knitting forum but do you sew and are their suitable fabrics for baby available?

Try Knit Picks.com Comfy , which is a cotton yarn. As long as you spend at least 50.0, shipping is free.

Free shipping may not be available for overseas so check before ordering.

I think a cotton acrylic blend might be fine. They wash well and don’t stretch out like 100% cotton can and they are soft even when line dried usually. I think it might be worth a try.

GrumpyGramma: I’m planning to knit everything: pants, tops, socks/booties, mittens, hats. I’m using sport weight yarn, which usually calls for US3-4 and was planning to use US5 (I’m a loose-to-average knitter). I didn’t even think about fingers and toes… thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I don’t have a sewing machine anymore, unfortunately. I had to put mine in storage when we moved. There were some tears. My husband thought I was crazy.

Daylilydayzed: Back in the U.S., I often purchased from KnitPicks. Unfortunately, the free shipping does not apply to overseas.

Jan: Thanks, some good thoughts. Though I don’t think stretching will be much of a problem in an outfit the baby will only wear for a few months.

I’ve been using bamboo - either 100% or cotton mixed. Environmentally it’s also good - renewable resource –and is biodegradable if not mixed with artificial yarns. I think it’s also naturally antibacterial. It’s certainly soft and cool!

Thanks! There is one option for 100% viscose (a semi-synthetic which comes from bamboo most often), not a baby yarn, and I’ve read good things about bamboo. I hesitated because it’s approximately twice the price of my other options, but I’ll give it a second look. Other than that, the only options are 100% cotton (not baby yarn) or 60% cotton 40% acrylic (baby yarn).

I’ve read bamboo is naturally very soft. I’ll give that one a second look.

We lived in the tropics for a couple of years with a newborn and a two-year old. Even with air-conditioning there wasn’t much call for sweaters and even less for hats or mittens. Of course if you travel to cooler climates those items will come in handy.
The acrylic/cotton or bamboo would be my choice for knitting loose-fitting items.

Yeah, I didn’t think I would need much in the way of mittens, but you know how newborns love to scratch their faces and it took almost a year for one of my daughter’s scratches to go away, so I was thinking a single pair of light hand-socks would be good to protect that sensitive skin. Another reason why I wanted to go with a cool fabric.

I’m so glad to hear from someone else who has lived in the tropics and doesn’t think it impossible to dress a baby in knitted items. I currently live in Japan. Where did you live? :slight_smile: Military? (I know, everyone always asks that, and I know because I always get asked that. When I say no, the next question is “…missionary…?” No, just work. Husband’s a computer programmer and Japan is a high-tech country, lol.)

Ok, Ladies,

Thanks so much for the swift replies. I took a second look at the 100% viscose and discovered the price is twice as much per skein because the skeins are twice as large! Yay!!! So after a quick mock-up of what I want to make and checking the colors against my mock-ups, I decided the more limited color choices will nonetheless be sufficient for me. So I’ve decided to go entirely with the viscose, with one exception for a denim-looking cotton-acrylic blend. Since it’s bulk, I’ll probably have plenty for the first year or two worth of knitted clothing. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks so much, ladies. :smiley: My poor husband’s eyes glossed over when I started talking yarn.

Japan can get very cold I the winter can’t it? You said tropics I was thinking Caribbean, Costa Rica or something.

it’s it’s southern japan, like okinawa area, it’ll be warm/humid/tropical, with hot summers…

Northern Japan is subarctic and Southern Japan is subtropical. Central Japan is similar to the Southern U.S. but far more humid.