Opinion Needed

Ok, I started this project with leftover Briggs…I’m planning on felting once it’s completed…alittle puckering here & there but ok I guess…

Should it be a rug or a bag?

Let me know your feedback, obviously I’m going to have to make more squares for the width for it to be a rug…but a bag might be cool as well.

Rhy :thumbsup:

I’m not a fan of knitted or felted bags. I’ve made them, but never seem to use them. LOL Sooo… that said, I think it would make an incredible rug. Really great. Heck… it makes me want to make some felted rugs! Please make a rug… I wanna see! :slight_smile:

I vote rug. It will look great!

I agree w/the others…rug!

I think it would make a very nice rug!

Oh, me too…that would be a wonderful rug!!! I’m gonna have to make one, too :thumbsup:

It’s saying RUG to me. It looks great!!! :cheering:

I vote for a rug too! That’s a really neat idea.

The square in the bottom left hand corner - is that Briggs yarn too? I’ve never seen verigated Briggs & Little yarn like that before.

OH! I’m actually doing something very similar at the moment. Mine is going to be a rug. :slight_smile: I like the look of it.

Hehe, well i guess I got my answer, a rug it is…my husband thought so too…lol, i’ll show a pic once it’s all done.

The yarn in the bottom corner is a combo of all the differnt yarns i used throughout, so yes it’s all briggs just strips of yarn …my Mum loves that one…just threw it in for something different…LOTS OF ENDS TO WEAVE IN THOUGH…has been fun…a thoughtless project…no pattern or counting, etc…lol


ps>>>thanks for all the great feedback, you guys are a great soundboard :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That’ll make a fabulous rug! I can’t wait to see it felted!

My votes for a rug!

Ok…here it is…YUCK>>>I’m not happy with it at all, the edges are all rumpled…

Any hints?


It’s hard to tell…is that after felting or before? If before, once felted you can block it into shap by pulling and tugging the edges.

Regardless, I like it - the colours and pattern and interesting and go well together.

You could also knit or crochet a border, or add more squares if you choose. I like it!

Yeah, the pic is felted twice…a border would be good however I can’t crochet…ugh…keeps coming up…going to have to learn…lol.

Ahhh well, i’ll figure something out…

Rhy :shrug:

Can’t you cut felted fabric w/o it unravelling(sp)? If so, you could just trim off the very outer edges to make a straight edge. Looks like you’d lose about 1/2 to 1 inch on the long sides, though.

Thats something that i COULD do…lol.

Ok…i’ll check back later with another photo.