Openwork Shrug

I have been TRYING to do this pattern since MAY 27 and I’m getting nowhere really.

The pattern can be seen at:

Many people have tried to help with this, the latest being someone who’s knitted for 38 YEARS.

This is a gorgeous pattern made possible by a series of YOs and K2Togs. However, the problem comes with the increases. Every increase that I’ve tried gives me a hole that just doesn’t fit into the pattern.

The pattern gives this instruction:

“*Inc Row 1: K3, yo, work in patt as established to last 3 sts, yo, k3.
Inc Row 2: K3, yo, k1, work in patt as established to last 4 sts, yo, k4-48 (50, 52) sts.
Work 12 rows even.
Rep from * 3 times more, then work Inc Rows 1 and 2 once more-64 (66, 68) sts.”

To make a LONG story short (remember, I’ve been working on this since May 27th and have had many people giving me corrections to the pattern), the latest instruction I have actually gives me the needed stitches (I’m doing a large and must have 52 stitches on the needle after the first set of increases):

"On the first increase row, knit 3 stitches, *make another stitch and add it to the right needle, yarn around needle and continue the pattern across, and remember the yarn forward before you knit the last 3 stitches. You now have 50 stitches on the needle.

The second increase row is exactly as written. You now will have 52 stitches. Continue in the pattern for another 12 rows. That is do row 1 & 2 of the pattern. Do not increase any more until you get to the next set of increases."

However, I get a hole that just… throws the pattern off. I know, maybe it’s just the perfectionist in me but it really bugs me!! Is there any way of making these holes smaller or getting rid of them entirely??

I tried taking photos of it to illustrate what the problem is, in my eyes, and here’s the link:

Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

Are they having you use a yo as an increase? If so, that will leave a hole.

What if you were to just kfb in the third knit stitch. You’d get an increase without a yo hole.

I’m sure this has been suggested since it’s so simple, but it’s the simplicity that makes sense to me. Have you tried it?

Yes, the pattern calls for a YO increase. I tried your suggestion (no one mentioned that) and it left an even bigger hole.

… I think I’m just going to have to use a different pattern because I think I’ve tried just about everything else… Shame too because it really IS a beautiful pattern.


I’m surprised that kfb left a bigger hole. :thinking: It shouldn’t leave a hole at all. :??