Open work/netted stitch for Plymouth 24K yarn

I have 1 skein of Plymouth 24K in black/grey/white/silver. What I envision it becoming is a long, thin scarf with a netted, airy look to it that can be wrapped around the waist (of my svelt dear friend!) for a belt or used as a dressy evening ‘accessory’ scarf.

Any suggestions on a stitch or pattern to use?


I think this one is delightfully cool and easy. It is mentioned in the “At Knits End” on page 30. There is that moment of terror when you start dropping stitches on purpose and when you start pulling but it is still really cool! And you can knit like 3 feet of work and it pulls out to 6-9 feet. :thumbsup:

That looks cool, but the instructions are confusing. One page makes it sound like it’s knit in the round, but the other makes it sound like it’s knit flat. I’m definitely going to try this pattern, but I don’t think for this particular scarf. Thanks for the link!!

Anyone else have an idea? I poured over all my library books last night, looking for just the right stitch. I found some definite maybes in Barbara’s 2nd Treasury, but nothing yet that is screaming, “I’M THE ONE!!”


Yes, the knitting speaks to me… even when the little green pills mute the voices in my head, the yarn still speaks. muah ha ha ha ha ha!!!


you can actually do it either way. i have done all of mine in the round because i avoid purling whenever i can but it can be done either way! :wink: