Open spaces

I know that a dropped stitch can be picked up or repaired.

But what if you look back at your work and you see an open space? Can this be repaired?

It is not a dropped stitch, I know I did something wrong, but I am not sure what.

Any ideas.


Sometimes if you accidentally knit into the stitch below, or do an accidental decrease, you leave a hole. You can let the stitch (or 2 if it involves 2 stitches) unravel down to that spot and see if fixing the column of stitches with a crochet hook will fix the problem. If not, you can always sew it closed on the back.

sometimes a YO (yarn over) happens
accidently or intentionally (i.e. in a pattern)
sometimes you can accidently pick up the yarn between the stitches

When you knit into this loop as if it were a normal stitch you get a hole in the fabric after a few rows have been worked