Open M1?


open m1 :thinking:

this is what it says Increases are indicated by"Inc 1 st". the increaces used in simple was an open m1 ???
can anyone explain this thank you


That’s a strange instrucation. That only thing I can think is that it’s just another way to say simple M1. In order to M1, you have “open” the bar btw the 2 sts in the row below… :thinking: Is that pattern online by any chance so we can take peek??

Check out this page to see how to “M1”… it’s near the bottom of the page. You’ll see M1F and M1B.

It says to make it with holes so hummmm.

do you think it would be like an yo ?

it says to make a hole so is it like yo?

My guess is that an open M1 (so you have a hole) would be to lift the bar as for a M1, but instead of knitting into the back, you knit into the front, the longer part that we always wish we could knit into but can’t for an M1 because it will leave a hole. Whew.