Open diamond stitch pattern

I got a copy on line of a Mary Poppins look alike scarf…I have worked it several times and it isn’t looking like the picture.Does anyone have a simple open diamond stitch pattern that is easy…here is the link to the scarf

I have ripped mine out 4 times already. I promised my music classes who watch a bit of mary Poppins at the end of each class I would make the scarf! HELP

What a gorgeous scarf! I’m not sure where it’s going wrong but it’s the kind of stitch sequence that I would use a row counter for until I could recognize the pattern.

Mine doesn’t show any definition like that…My students keep saying…Where is your Mary Poppins Scarf Ms. M??? I have knitting all over the room…dishclothes with notes, etc…run a knitting club…there is always yarn scraps on the floor… :))

Lace always looks different after you block it, so did you try blocking any of your attempts?

When you work the second row, are you making sure to work the
p1, p1tbl into the double wrap from the previous row? Just a thought.

I am probably going to give it another go…and try with a larger yarn …before I go back to the kidmohair…