"Open/Closed" Cast On

Has anyone heard of “open/closed” cast on? It doesn’t appear to be a provisional cast on, as someone suggested, because the picture doesn’t show the provisional waste thread. It appears to be some kind of alternative cast on for two colors, but I can’t figure out how it works.

i know of an open/closed cast on…

it is a variation of long tail

One stitch is made 'normally" (a normal long tail stitch)
(a normal long tail stitch is made into a closed loop–one that looks like all those ribbons (pink, yellow, etc)

the second stitch is made into an OPEN LOOP (one that looks like the letter U!)

the result is a edge that is rippled and very stretchy–(i think it is stretchier than the german twist(aka Norwegian, twist, maine) cast on.

here is a link to my youtube on long tail variations… the open closed cast on is there.

I could be wrong…

ONE real problem is cast ons have so many names… can you link to a image? i know lots of cast ons… and i might know this cast on by an alternate name!