Open circulars

i’m guessing here but what are the open circulars for? they look like cirulars except they aren’t attached. they have a round disc on the end.

Probably for really, really wide things. I have used two circs and knit as flat just so I would have enough room for all the st. This must be for that purpose.

ok thanks. i was just wondering cause my grandma cave me some. and i don’t ever see patterns ask for them. :thinking:

Many interchangeable needle sets let you use cords with a closure on the end as flexible needles. Maybe those as well. You just use them like regular needles.


are you talking about flex shaft needles?

for lack of a better picture…

like the ones on the end? If you are they are basically just a regular knitting needle but you get the same benefit of knitting flat with circs in that you only have needles as long as your hand so that motion created by the long needles isn’t there. i love them except that i tend to drop them more just because i play with them in between rows when i get distracted by whatever movie i am watching. I think they are great though!

ummm…but if this isn’t what you are talking about…never mind…pay no attention to the girl behind the computer screen…

yeah thats them except an older version!