Open bind off with double knitting?

Hi everyone, I made a small sample with double knitting, since it looked interesting. I think the tube inside of the two layers of fabric is really neat. My sample is a rectangle 4" long by 2" wide. I’m ready to bind off, but then I thought maybe there’s a way to bind off which leaves this end open, to form a pouch of some sort.
Well, I alternately slipped the knitted and slipped stitches onto their own double pointed needle, so now I can look inside the tube. So I wonder, from this point is there a way to bind these stitches off to keep this end open? And maybe run some sort of drawstring through them? I would be grateful for some ideas on this. Thanks so much.:hug:

I think you can just bind off like you normally would around the tube to leave it open. Sounds interesting!

Just BO normally, across the sts on one needle, then around the edge to the sts on the other needle. If you’ve knit in the round it’s just the same, more or less the same as binding off flat knitting too.

OK, thanks you two! I’ll try it. Wow, this means I could even make a larger one, maybe even a small bag. If I thread a drawstring through it somehow, then I could open and close it…this small one I have now could be used to hold some small knitting tools!:hug: