Opal sweater finished

I have ben knitting and knitting, and purling and purling for ages! :teehee:

But the result is nice! A perfect slim-fit sweater for my daughter. I have used Opal 4 ply yarn, and the whole sweater is only 305 grams! I have knitted it neck down, needles 2,5 mm. She is a small european size 38.

That is beautiful! Is Opal a sock yarn?

Mmm Opal is a sock yarn. 80% wool, superwash and 20 % nylon.

Wow! That came out perfect! I love the colors!

Gorgeous!!! :inlove:

Pretty sweater too! :teehee:

I have used 3 different UNI colours and the colour called Flamingo.


Very pretty! But I can completely see why you had to be knitting and purling for ages!

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance: I am in awe of your persistance!

That turned out wonderful! :heart:

So pretty … both your dd and sweater!

Beautiful, as usual! :wink:

Wow! That’s fantastic!

Gorgeous sweater and what a darling dd you have!

What a project with sock yarn! Very pretty.

Sweater and dd are BEAUTIFUL!!


And I thought just knitting socks with sock yarn was labor intensive!! How many skeins did that take you?

Loverly sweater and your DD looks great in it.
Did you follow a pattern or make it up yourself?

Hazel x

This sweater is great. In sock weight yarn is a lot of work, but definitely worth it. And you can get so much farther, just 300 grams. Perfect sweater.

Hi, thanks, I made it up myself.

3 skeins, and a little bit. It is 304 grams.
Not much yarn, at all!