OPAL is d-o-n-e!

Well, I finally got OPAL done. It was an incredibly easy pattern, as patterns go! All knit in 5 easy pieces, using a little check pattern.
My yarn is RY Cashsoft Baby DK: 57% extra fine merino/33% microfibre/10% cashmere. Incredibly soft and yummy. The color is what I would call “nude” with pink undertones.

The collar and cuffs were also easy, but they were tedious to place onto the edge of the sweater. I liked the fact that the buttonholes were just knit into every other “check” all the way up! No button bands to pick up and knit! :happydance:

The pattern is an Elsebeth Lavold pattern, in her book called Sentimental Journey. I made my OPAL longer than the model.
[COLOR=blue]HERE[/COLOR] is a link to the pattern on Elsebeth’s website.

Beautiful!! Great work as always!

Oh that’s really lovely! Great job!

Exquisite, and you chose a perfect color, too. Congratulations.

Mimi stole my sentiments! It is truly an exquisite piece of work and the color is extraordinary! :inlove:

That sweater is absolutely, fantastically, outrageously gorgeous !!!
What a wonderful work of art !!!

I like the basketweave. Your sweater is very beautiful!


You sweater is so pretty! I would never have the patience to knit that…

That is so gorgeous - I love the way you did the collar and the sleeves. WOW

Most excellent! I would love to be able to knit half as well as you do! :cheering:

That is [B]amazing!!! :inlove:[/B]

Very pretty!

It’s just beautiful! I love the pattern and the yarn goes perfectly with it. I’m in awe :smiley:

That’s beautiful! I love the color~!

Wow so pretty! Great Job.

That is beautiful! Your skills amaze me :notworthy:

Thanks for your kind words everyone! :muah: I had fun knitting this sweater. The yarn cooperated so nicely! Almost didn’t need to block the pieces, but, decided to block in the end. That is what took so long to get to seaming. The blocking board was busy with my Crazy Quilt Afghan squares…so OPAL had to wait her turn in line!

ArtLady, as usual - your work is stunning!:passedout:

It’s stunning!!! :notworthy: