Opal Child's Sock Pattern

I would like to make these for my DS. The problem is that I need a size 11 sock & the pattern is a 7. Here’s what I was doing…

The gauge is 8 sts = 1 in.
The cast-on is 50sts.

So I wanted to go from a size 7 to a 11. Or how I measured his foot. I took 50 divide by 8. Which is 6.25. Here is where I get confused. Why is it 6.25? The pattern says the cuff is 4", why is this 6.25? Shouldn’t it be 4" - wearing ease?

Am I even close to the right way? Can someone please help me!!!???



My guess is that the 4" is unstretched. How much smaller is the foot length for a size 11 than the 7? or is it bigger? I usually just measure my kids feet and then find a pattern that works!