OOPS! Zigged, when I should have zagged!

I admit it! I SUCK at cables. But, I am determined to figure out how to use three needles in only two hands!

Mid-way through my cabled sleeve, I detected a cross over that was headed in the wrong direction! OH NO! I had crossed under when I should have crossed over! What to do?!

So, like a good sweater physician, I isolated and confined all the stitches NOT involved in the head-on collision - on a separate circular needle - both the “befores” and the “afters”.

Now, I could focus my attention solely on those involved. I deliberately DROPPED the wrong-way stitches off the needle. In my instance, the error was back two rows, so I had to drop the stitches off, loosen the yarn to undo the row, twice.

Then I picked up the stitches involved from their current position (of being two rows behind the rest of the garment) with my cable needle, and gently moved them to the front side, under the wrong way crossing. Then, I “knit” the stitches using the dropped row yarn, up one row, then up again the next.

Then, I worked the now-healed stitches back into their proper position within the row by passing the isolated/confined stitches back onto my needle, then the repaired section, and the rest of the quarantined stitches. TaDAH!!

The collision victims were SAVED!!!
:yay: :woot: :cheering: :woohoo: :cheering: :woot: :yay:

:passedout: I haven’t even tried to knit a cable yet, much less…:passedout: Anyways :yay: :yay: :yay:

Nicely done! I would’ve frogged it and started over! :teehee:

A very nice surgical attack on the non-conforming stitches.

I have cabled on a swatch; does that count?

Nice Save!! :cheering: