Oops moments, share yours!

I’m sure we’ve all had them, those really silly things you’ve done whilst knitting/crocheting! Time to fess up… :wink:
I’ve just had an absolute belter, am knitting a headband in James Brett chunky, on 7mm needles. Took it with me to work on whilst I was on the bus, but when I took it back out of my handbag (purse?) I (unbeknown to me at the time) only took one needle out. It took me about 6 rows to realise that the second needle I was using was a 4.5mm… :blush: :blush: :joy:

We’ve all done stupid stuff… But, this one… unreal and I still don’t know why it happened. Was I NOT looking at my knitting? Completely twisted cast on and didn’t notice it for a good 4-5 inches. The project is still in time out. :rage:

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Ahh, gutted :frowning: is there any way to fix it or is it a tink/frog job?


The first sweater that I made when I went back to knitting was for my son, age 4. I didn’t know if I could seam it up neatly but I thought I’d give it a try and if it didn’t work I could always take it to the yarn shop. I seamed it and it looked very nice! I was so pleased until I realized that I had seamed the side edge of the body to the sleeve edge. Swell.

There have been many more since but that one always stands out for me.

Eek! That’s a good one, Jan! I’ve made that animal-headed lovey thingy, whatever the pattern is called, so I know it’s more knitting than it even appears. How frustrating!

I’m messing up all the time, because I rarely follow a pattern exactly, and like to wing it, and that gets me into good trouble. :wink:

Like this hat I made for my Psychosynthesis teacher (a spiritual psychology modality I’m into) last week, that turned out so small it barely fits my 7 year old daughter. I thought I’d used the same needle size as the one I designed for myself, but either I’m off a size, or it’s just the fact of one of the yarns being finer–or both. In any case, the whole thing turned out surprisingly small!

Thankfully, my daughter loves it. When she called it her “Psychosynthesis Hat,” and looked proud of having one like her mommy, I realized it was the best kind of mistake! :blush:

Ever, or this week? :confounded: Just last night I was knitting some ribbing for a mitt that will be seamed. I used a long-tail cast on with extra tail for the seam…not for the first row of knitting.

I have a nice pair of crocheted fingerless gloves in a red and white pattern, done from the cuff up. That row above the red cuff where I picked up the red pattern? White on one. Completely forgotten on the other. What really gets me is that I kept trying to figure out why one was shorter than the other…for three days!

I keep telling new crocheters and knitters not to bother making any mistakes, because I’ve taken care of that.

Thanks everyone for the love! There is really no way to fix a twisted cast on except to frog completely. So this has been frogged and I cast on again, but just don’t have the drive to finish it right now so it’s in time out still.

@amy Yeah, this is/was the Bear Woobie! It’ll get made eventually and be a nice gift for some little one.

@amy, the hats are so pretty. No wonder your daughter is pleased. You both look grand in them.

@Jan_in_CA, I’ve seen your other woobies and I’m sure this one is going to be another great one. Just needs a little thinking off by itself for awhile. The colors look lovely.

@Becky_Morgan, this sounds so familiar. I think there are no new mistakes because I’ve made all there are to make.
Before I started knitting my mother gave me a pair of handmade mittens from a store the specialized in Irish hand knits. I realized that one had 1x1 rib and the other 2x2 rib at the cuff. These things happen.

I’m reading all of these, and I SOOOO feel everyone’s pain/laughter!!! Once upon a time, I also brought my knitting along-2 needle type, and realized I only brought one. Not to be deterred, I took a sharpened pencil, broke the point off, used my emery board for my nails and made a “close in size” makeshift needle. I put a rubber band at the eraser end so the stitches wouldn’t fall off! After that, I could never buy a pen or pencil again without thinking what sized needle it might be!

Amen to you, Becky! It seems errors are Universal!!!

Picked up a knitting project in the round, was busy with TV and accidentally went the wrong way, putting in entire round in purls instead of knits, ughhghhghgh had to tink all the way back, I got so sick of it I ended up frogging it

A couple of years ago as a Christmas gift, I made a pair of fingerless gloves for my stepdad to wear at outdoor concerts when the weather is cold. He plays the clarinet at these concerts. The only finger I needed to be knitted all the way to the top is the right thumb. Imagine my horror when he unwrapped his gift and I’d done the thumbs for the wrong gloves! The complete thumb was on the left glove and the open thumb was on the right glove! Now my son wants a pair for himself, but I’m too scared to try again.