Oops...got caught up in yarn store

Okay…I admit it. I went into a yarn store at snow fest, just to look around, and bought some yarn based entirely on color and feel. AND NOT BECAUSE I HAVE A PRACTICAL USE FOR THIS YARN.

The owner gave me a great double sided cable scarf pattern, and I certainly have enough of this yarn to make it, but I am hesitating because I am also going to make a malabrigo scarf soon…and I already own 5 other scarfs. I am not the kind of girl who needs to have a different scarf for every day of the week (although my closet might give a different indication:aww: ).

It’s Berocco Peruvia wool in a yummy chocolate brown- 2 skeins of 174 yards. I made myself not buy anything else because I am going to another yarn store this week, and I have limited funds at the moment, since I am saving up for my trip to China.

I did, however, buy a pattern from Fiber Trends to make felted ballet slippers.:woot: Dd is going to adore them! I just need to buy appropriate colors for her…all of the other colors of wool I have right now are “me” colors…earth tones.
What can I make with this yummy yarn? Ravelry people…any ideas?

How about the koolhause hat? It’s all the rage