Ooops..didn't "place a marker"

Hi everyone…I seem to have gotten “over confident”…thinking I would know where my round begins without a “marker”:teehee: now I switched too a different color and guess what? I am off a row…(can see the color change by half a row)…frogged it, problem is I can’t count back to my # of co sts, cause I did Rib k1,p1 for a few inches then I needed to K2,M1 for inc…but I didn’t inc the exact number of inches as pat stated…whatcha think?

Do you have a tail at the start of your CO to use as a guide? Can you count up from your CO to compare with your notes (did you take notes on the mods you were doing) to see where the beginning might be?

If you can find it that way, take a piece of contrasting color and tie it on as a marker. Or a little pin or clip… HTH…

Very good point, however, I do have a little tail hangin…and that’s where I switched colors…but for some reason in my head, when you do a Long tail co (which I did) doesn’t the tail end up at the end of your first row? So, that little tail would be the end of my first row not the beg? Right?

I thought you’re knitting in the round? So it wouldn’t matter - the beginning and end are the same place.

Yep, knitting in the round, guess you are right!!! I am still puzzled on “why” when I start a new color,(at the tail hanging part) my row is off??? :biting:

I am still puzzled on “why” when I start a new color,(at the tail hanging part) my row is off???

You’ll get a jog, unless you do one of the ‘jogless join’ techniques (there are existing posts here on KH), when starting a round with a new color. That jog is there when using one color but not visible.


Because you’re actually knitting in a spiral, so the end of the round is a step higher than the beginning of it. There are ways to prevent this jog when using colors. There’s a tutorial on how to avoid this, search the internet for `jogless jog’ and you should find it. I think you slip the first st of the round and knit the rest with the new color. That way the old and new color blend in better.

Thanks Suzeeq, all this time I thought it was because of where the end and beg are (in the round):hug: :muah:

Yeah I hate that little jog too! I have on occasion had a end of round marker fall our or something, and most times I can safltey guess where it goes and if you are off by 1 stitch I don’t think anyone would notice!