Hi Everyone,

Here is an outfit i made for a friends daughter’s Annabelle doll:)

:inlove: aww how cute!! Great job :thumbsup:

Super cute! Love that color! Mary

Adorable Rita. She will just love it.

How cute is that!!!

That’s really adorable!

aw, thats soo cute!

That is such a cute outfit!

Baby Annabelle looks lovely all dressed up and ready to go xx

That is so sweet! Nice work!!

That’s adorable!

ooh! Your friend’s daughter’s Annabelle is my daughter’s Lulu! Very cute!!

Could you now make that in a size 10? :teehee:

Very cute, I love the little flowers and matching socks.

ADORABLE! And I just looooovvvve yellow! Thanks for sharing!

Ritaw, that is so sweet. The color makes me think of an outfit I had for my oldest DD whose middle name is Buttercup. Very buttercup colored. Very spring.

Very cute!!!:muah:

Thank you so much everyone:muah: . It was my first time working without a pattern for the dress . I just used some guidelines from lots of different patterns for baby sizes 0-3 months. Then i went down a needle size to get the right size for the doll.
I am so happy with the outfit and the colour. I must say . I was not too sure about it , But when i dressed the doll yesterday . I was really thrilled and so was the the little girl and her mother :woot:

This is really cute!:heart:

How sweet! :heart:

So cute! I loveit!