Ooooo Bambooooo

I was at JoAnn and they had a whole bin of Lion Brand Nature’s Choice all on sale for $2.99 a skein. The bamboo is just so oh SOFT. I wish it came in more colors and I considered for one minute just buying all the white bamboo for some future project LOL!! They had the organic cottons and wools as well. Very pretty and at a nice price. So head on down to your local JoAnn if you have been wanting something really really soft! As my daughter who was with me said, “Mom, it’s like butter, but not greasy!”

ooh thanks sooo much for the heads up. I’ve been dying to knit something in the bamboo. and now its on sale!!!


I have some SWTC bamboo I got from the yarn swap. I haven’t decided what to make with it yet, but it is very nice!