Oooohhh...aaaaahhhh New samplers on knit picks

I went there this morning to see when the lace yarn samplers I haven’t gotten yet would be available and -gasp!- new samplers!

Sock & fingering weight samplers. Now I’m confused! What do I buy? Choice overload…

I’d seen the sock yarn samplers, but the palette are new, though I’d heard they were going to make some up. I know, too pretty eh?

Just buy them all.cloud9 :teehee:

I want those fall colors for socks. By the time I got knit all up, I’m sure spring would be here.:roflhard:

Thanks for sharing that link! Very very very nice!!!

Well, I decided for now to get the fall/winter sock kit with patterns. I can only buy one at a time at that price, but eventually i will own them all (insert evil laugh)!

Well, personally, I think it’s terrible of them to make up these sampler kits!! What a horrible thing…to place so much temptation in front of us budget-minded knitters. Of course, they’re good prices for what you get—but I don’t need to spend ANY money on yarn just now, and am trying to knit from my stash! It’s just not nice of Knitpicks to do this!!! :smiley:

I did something crazy. I just ordered a set of the new 10" straight needles from KP. That was a total extravagance that I didn’t need, but DH told me I could have it for my B-day, and I just couldn’t resist. OMG! I’m not just a yarn stasher, I’m also a needles stasher. I’ve got serious problems. :teehee:

I agree! I thought I could stop spending money there after one more purchase, and here they go making up cool new stuff for me to buy. Curses!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to justify buying one of the samplers. I bought some of lace and fingering when they were selling off some colors, and I pick up lots of other stuff at the thrift store for about 50 cents a skein. Then I buy closeout stuff at Hobby Lobby. So I have more than enough yarn to knit for a year or two…

OMG, I have so much yarn!