Oooh the humanity

so i just get to work today and we are unpacking all of our stuff from the move. My boss comes up to me and says “do you have any yarn?” :thinking: This is a puzzle because he is too new to really know that i knit and carry yarn with me…this means someone has sent him my direction. Not the real horror of it though… he wants to use it to hang our division banner on the wall. I look at him like he is crazy to think he can have my yarn and tell him…“But all i have with me is MALABRIGO!” Blank expression staring back at me. “You can’t have my malabrigo! you know how much that costs?..THAT’S THE GOOD YARN!” more blank expressions except this time his hand is sticking out too…“But i just need a little bit…give me the cheapest yarn you have.” of course at this point i am feeling a bit like a loon and a little guilty for not wanting to help and at the same time trying to figure out if i really need the cords to my computer so he can use those instead. I can’t get out of it though. he winds off a bit of the yarn and says “here…i am only going to use this much.” i don’t care that it was only like two feet…IT’S MALABRIGO!..sigh i hand him the scissors and let him go off with it. he goes to hang the sign…pulling the yarn through the metal beams in the drop ceiling…as i am watching this i know what is going to happen and it would seem i am the only one. Snap…“well this yarn isn’t strong enough!” never mind that you have been scraping it back and forth over a metal edge…ya know…like the edge of a KNIFE!..idiots! so after trying again with about another foot of yarn and experiencing the same results they are cut off…

yeah…the sign is hanging now with paperclips…because that wouldn’t have worked BEFORE taking my beautiful yarn and doing horrible things to it!..hmph!

:shock: OUCH :shock:

:crying: :shock:


That’s just wrong. oof.

He should be shot. Or maybe hung, with cheap yarn!! :lol:

The nerve! But let’s be civilized here and handle this professionally. :thinking: What you ought to do is to politely hand him a reimbursement request for the yarn. Remember to charge for one whole skein since that’s the smallest increment you can buy it in… of course, if the same dye lot is no longer available, you should charge whatever it cost for all the yarn for your project! If he balks, just show up to work with a beautiful project using the yarn, except for one small heinously unmatching area where you had to substitute yarns because you were short! (Actually, he sounds like the kind of person who probably wouldn’t notice, or if he did, he wouldn’t feel guilty. He should, though!) But seriously, what a jerk. I hope this incident isn’t a harbinger of things to come. He doesn’t sound like the most pleasant person to work with.

The nerve of that man! :shock: :rofling:

awwww poor Brian…lol. I love the idea of being reimbursed for the yarn…OOOH and the time to go get it! :wink:

but he really does seem to be a nice guy (and he makes for good eye candy too…sssshhhh) :rofling:

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Well, I’m glad he seems nicer overall than that one incident suggests. So he’s cute, huh?

You may wake up nights screaming after the horror of re-living the event invades your subconcious. In addition to reimbursement for the yarn, be sure the include additional compensation for pain and suffering!!

There must be a lawyer among the group that can help here!! :lol:


oh yeah…he’s hot…shrug …is it weird that i didn’t really think so until he started complaining that we aren’t recycling our paper around here?

alas…i would guess his wife thinks he is too! :wink:

I think Jeremy might be able to help with the law suit…should we make it class action for the trauma that you all felt reading the story? :rofling:

I’m feeling woozy!! Must…have…Malabrigo…


All I can say is…

Alas poor malabrigo, I knew him well. A yarn of infinite colour, of most excellent fibre; he hath borne on my back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is.

[size=1]My deepest apologies to Willie S. :wink: :roflhard: [/size]

Hot or not, it was Mmmmmmmmmmmalabrigo!!!

:crying: :crying: :crying:

Yes, yes we should! Foul man! :evil:

Moral: Always case a ball of cheap acrylic for “emergencies.” :lol:

I’m going to bring a writ of habeus yarnus. :thumbsup:


Funny lawyers=oxymoron

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Poor Bren! you definatly need to get yourself some more yarn. :thumbsup: