OOh--Look What I just Found!


I found her site on another forum for sockknitters ended up ordering yarn, but found these while browsing through her offerings. The poster on the forum said she was very reliable even tho’ she’s mailing from the Netherlands.

$16.50?? That’s about how much I would pay at my LYS w/o shipping added. It is pretty though. :wink:

Yeah, I know they are more. But, they’re sparkle!!!

Ooh, they’ve very pretty! :inlove:

Those are just TOO CUTE!! And my lys is holding a pair for me to pick up tomorrow or I would have to get the sparkly ones…they sparkle just like me :roflhard: :rofling: :roflhard:

If knitting makes you happy, sparkly needles are gonna make you hysterical! :rofling:

Actually, I’ve never seen addis like this before. MyLYS just carries Addis ordinaire.

those are a riot… (which means i’m trying to figure out howta justify buying a pair), please do tell if you love em when you get em… (or if you hate em, but really i just wanna hear that you love em so i can buy them)!!!