Only me,and I need a hug

I needed a REALLY fast, last minute gift idea, and Hilary (Jaxhil) was kind enough to send one. So, off I trot to Walmart to buy the yarn. Somehow, on the way in, I dropped one and it went under a bush. Saw it a day later, frozen and dirty. Brought it in, cleaned it off, and I’m waiting for it to dry. What are the odds that a skein of Homespun is going to dry in time? Can I put it in the dryer since it’s acrylic? Due to the weather and my physical problems, there is no way I can get out to get another.

Since I wasn’t originally going to do anything for this person, she’d never know it was late, but [I]I’d[/I] know.

I was wondering If maybe you could take the ball band off and wrap it in a pillow case so it is snug. Maybe pin it in with safety pins and put it in the tumble dryer on low/air-dry on its own. I would have thought acrylic could take at least a gentle tumble dry, you just don’t want the ball/skein to unravel while it is in there. Good Luck. Hope you have a great Christmas.

Thanks Karina, that’s a really good idea!

I wouldn’t be whining about it, except I that I can’t leave my house.

It was kind of funny, to find out that at one end of Salem the yarn was $1.00 less then at the Walmart at the other end. I thought their prices would be standardized.

I hope it works. Let us know, never know when this sort of info will come in handy.

I don’t think all things are the same, not in this country anyways. I thought the prices was on some level decided on by the manager of each particular store, probably depending on how sales go in their area.

Here’s hoping you can get your yarn clean (yes, acrylic should wash and dry okay) and your project finished in good time!

Just curious… what are you making?


Oh Debkcs!!

I hope you get it dry in time! I am sure it will-that was a great suggestion about the pillowcase! Even if it only gets mostly dry I think it’ll be fine. In fact I’d probably go ahead and work it up, even if it was still slightly damp (I’m so bad!!). I’m sure it’d dry even faster if it was more exposed from all sides :teehee:

BTW, that was great luck to find it still where you dropped it :thumbsup:

I was also going to suggest-if you have one-to put it in one of those mesh bags that you can use to wash delicate stuff in and throw it in the drier. I have made stuff out of Homespun and washed and dried it, so it should be OK. :hug: :hug: :hug:

Definitely! I really like homespun…what are you making?

Do you have one of those ‘shelf things’ that goes in the dryer so the item itself doesn’t spin? I’ve used it on tennis shoes and even the last baby sweater I made. That would work well.

Jan-I’ve never even heard of that! Is it something that you just put in the drier when you need it? Where would you get one?

I have a shelf for my dryer. It came with the dryer when I bought it. It’s a Sears Kenmore. It’s for drying hats and shoes or anything you don’t want to tumble.