Only just realised

the time difference!! when i posted this morning it was only 4.30am your time!! :smiley:

I think it’s great how the Internet can bring us all together, regardless of time of day locally. I’m 6 hours behind you in the UK, and 7 hours behind my friends in Germany. I always get mixed up with the time differences in the Pacific. It seems to me that my friend in Hawaii is 6 or 7 hours behind me, and that Tia {in Australia}, and my friend in Singapore are way ahead of me… they get up tomorrow at about 3-4 pm my time! :wink:

I think it’s really neat that our Southern Hemisphere friends are now entering winter as we enter summer. :smiley:

Summer??? then why am I trying to get DH to com home early to fix the furnace ignition??? It’s only 2°C here today. <shivers>

oh dear that is cold its been 18 degrees here today :smiley:

It was in the high 70’s here! What I should have said that regardless of the weather, it’s spring in the northern hemisphere and hopefully, someday, summer will come. :wink:

A friend of mine in Galdaming was bragging that it was still 24°C at 8:30 pm! What’s odd is that we were in the teens and early 20s barely a week ago. :??

<still hoping DH will fix the furnace ignition… it’s supposed to stay 2° overnight>

Oh yeah, however there winter sure is alot different than ours :smiley:

Rhy :XX: