Only a man!

Could come up with this!:eyes:

I’m knitting DH the hat, DPN thread.

Before I get any father, I wanted a head model. DUH!

The hat is about 6 inches from cast on edge on circs.

It’s fitting nicely, but DH’s response?

Is it going to be bigger? I need something that covers my ears!:whoosh:Is it going to have a top?:shrug:

Men. :??

:teehee: How silly

Yep, Sounds like a man:roflhard:. Do you have a pic posted on the other thread?

No Indy no pics. posted yet. Wouldn’t do much good at this point without video! LOL

It always cracks me up to hear what people think WIPs look like, especially if they don’t know anything about knitting. I’m pretty sure that if you ever knit something large in the round in public (say, the beginning of a beautiful sweater), people always think you’re making a steering wheel cover. :shrug: LOL

Thanks! I got a big laugh to start off my day from this! My husband and my dad would both say something like that!!! :mrgreen:

This sounds like my dh the first time I tried on one of my socks while it was still on the needles! “Aren’t you going to have a toe?” No; honey. And I’m going to leave the needles in as well. It’s a new fashion statement!