Online Yarn Stores

Do any of you have an online yarn store you can recommend?


well i would say that a hands down favorite around these parts is!

This is just a few that I’ve ordered from and highly recommend
Knit Picks
Knitting Zone
Kids Knits

I was told that Smiley’s has some really good deals.

I’d have to recommend… :?? well, let me think :thinking: a bit…I’d say, yes…definitely…[color=indigo][size=6][/size][/color]

Three more. :wink:

Phew … that was close. What took to long to mention knitwerx ? :rofl:

I really have to recommend
Great customer service, fast and cheap shipping!

And I really, really :heart: :inlove: :heart: and, especially for accessories, I get all of my accessories (needles, etc) from…a friend owns it & has my order to me in 2 days from Oregon to southeast coast!
Another, I’m sorry I forgot these others, you guys! has great sock yarn & needles!

I would recommend The Yarn Exchange (really quick service and inexpensive stuff). Yarn Warehouse and Smiley’s Yarns. For books I would recommend

How about…

Thanks for all the replies everyone! :happydance: