Online tutorials for charts?

I would like to learn how to read charts, so I can make the “Molly’s Headband” shown in the Summer '06 issue of Interweave (in the "Sweet Something’s PDF).

Anyhow… I read knitty’s article on charts, and somehow it didn’t click for me.

Does anyone know of other good online tutorials for charts? I need something that is really going to walk me through it, step by step. I could check a book out from the library, but I’d like to start on it today if I can. :smiley:

Hi! There’s a great article in the same issue about reading charts. Look on page 68. They write out the instructions in words and then show you the same pattern in chart form. Good Luck!

Oh, you mean the same issue of Interweave? I haven’t bought the magazine, unfortunately, that pattern for the headband was free on the web.

Yes! It’s a great issue. I think all your questions will be answered :smiley:

Don’t feel bad. I’m chart disabeled myself. I just don’t get it.

I was the same way, scared of charts, so I didn’t try. Well, once I tried it was quite easy. The 1st project I did with charts was the Backyard Leaves scarf from the book, Scarf Style. I took my book to Kinkos & enlarged the chart & the symbol key. When I got home I used my highlighter to highlight the right side rows, as u can see here, I then drew arrows showing which end I began my knitting on. With this (and most charts that I’ve used) you read your chart from right to left for the right side rows & from left to right for the wrong side rows, so, as u can see in the photo, I drew arrows pointing in the direction I needed to read the chart. All of this may seem foolish to some, but it really helped me with my 1st chart & may do the same for you :wink:
Oh yeah, I also use a magnetic board & put the strip magnet over the line from which I am reading. Some people use post it notes to put over the line they are on, I find that this is an invaluable tool :thumbsup:

Charts make knitting easier, I think. You can doctor them to help you as rebecca said, and if you don’t overthink them and just do what each box tells you to do, it works out.