Online store Foxyknits

Has anyone dealt with this store? They sell koigu yarn. I placed an order on 21 June. I was emailed a receipt so I know the order went thru. I have not received my yarn or had any communication from the owner. I emailed her yesterday regarding my order and have gotten no reply. I don’t have good feelings about getting the yarn.

I called and left 2 messages. Nada.

I placed an order, got a confirmation email and the next day, they sent me an email saying they ran out of the yarn I wanted. They did not offer substitutions. Very blunt. I emailed back expressing my disappointment, but got nothing. Won’t be shopping there again!

i had same problem. there are lots of other sites that sell koigu for the same/similar price. if i buy any in the future i won’t be shopping there. you would think they would show thier instock numbers to help, but they don’t.

Maybe KH needs a “Rate the On-line Seller” section added to its forums. I do a lot of on-line buying, but I still get nervous when I deal with a new seller. Having someplace to turn for recommendations, like e-bay or amazon feedback, would be most helpful.

Cindy - did you go through Paypal? If you did, you might have some recourse that way. You should at least get your money back! Otherwise that’s called FRAUD.

WOW! I love this idea - I am new to on-line yarn buying and am always searching through threads trying to find the vendors that have been recommended (or not) on KH before I place an order. To have them in one place for quick reference before clicking that “checkout” button would be wonderful! Maybe even something like the Interchangeable Needles Poll/thread sticky?

they took my money too and it was through paypal. grrr

i will talk to paypal about it


Can’t say I buy any yarn online. I love supporting my LYS. I know it costs more, but the amount I have learned from them is priceless.

I think it’s a great idea for us to have a “rate the seller” on this site. So many here by most/all their yarns and supplies online.

Hopefully the’ll consider it.


I think a “rate the seller” is a great idea! I’ve recently begun buying on eBay, and fortunately have found some really good sellers. I would love to buy some of the beautiful yarn I have seen at online stores, but am afraid of having a bad experience.

didn’t use paypal. As of today my CC hasn’t been charged. But still no reply to my email Pretty poor customer service. I will never look at her site again and will spread the word about FOXYKNITS.COM

sorry you’re having to deal with this, Cindy. :frowning:

a friend of mine bought a bunch of KPPPM and paid for a pattern at the Foxyknits booth at a show. she eventually got the pattern after a month of calling them every 4 days or so.

overall I’m not impressed with them. I go to their booth at shows to ooh and ahh and buy, if I see colors I like, at the KPPPM, because KPPPM makes me weak in the knees :heart:, but they never say hello or ask if I can be helped or anything. I always feel ignored. I did buy once - but I don’t plan to again.

I end up doing almost ALL my shopping online since I really don’t have a lys, and anytime it’s somewhere new, I always worry. I guess that’s why I’ve tended to stick with just a few sellers …

Cindy - what a bad experience! I feel for you! I hope you are able to resolve it soon.

Rating dealers is not necessarily a good idea, even though it might be useful.

When people make derogatory comments about specific sellers (true or not) , the owner of the site (and that means Amy) is liable if someone sues.

Amy S. at and Clara at Knitter’s Review, among others, are careful to delete derogatory posts for that reason.

genius idea. that would really help out those of us who are just beginning to venture out into the world of buying yarn and yarn stuff online.

you know, you may be right. maybe it’s just a good idea to leave it to posts like this one (talking about our experiences instead of rating them on a numerical scale - somehow that just seems so definite). i have actually found these helpful.

I just received a reply to my email. She says she doesn’t have the color I ordered but has one that is close that she can send out right away if I want. I replied that I placed the order on 21 Jun and she is just now telling me that she doesn’t have what I ordered so NO THANKS! I told her that her customer service was very lacking and was no way to treat and keep repeat customers.

Well, at least you finally found out what the deal was… and won’t have to fight for a refund (if I read correctly).

I haven’t purchased anything on line that wasn’t by a vendor suggested here… I found a helpful thread of favorite on-line stores…

i was wondering about the infamous “$.19” sale… did anyone actually receive the yarn? how many did you order vs. received? was the color accurate too? TIA

See, now I just don’t get this. When did it become not ok to relay any negative experiences we’ve had with a company? How do sites like Epininons do it if it’s something they could be sued for?