Online source for zippers, hardware for a purse

Hi all,

I’m making a Noni Adventure bag and the pattern calls for a purse (or sport or heavyweight jacket) zipper and metal purse rings.

I went to both Michaels and Joann’s this afternoon and came up with nothing.

Any ideas for an online source for that kind of stuff?

Thanks in advance!


Webs has some bag handles, and has purse accessories including zippers and handles and other closures.

(both links take you to the page where you can find those things, I hope).

Joann has them online.
Purse Handles

Other purse handles:

Thanks for the replies.

I was hoping I could find more of a selection of rings but I think I’m going to go for a simple tortoise shell like ring. :shrug:

Of course the pattern is shown with handmade silver rings and they are gorgeous.

My problem is finding the right size purse zipper (I need a 20" zipper) in a color that will compliment the yarn. I know I can hide the zipper when I place it but it will bother me if it is too far off.

I attached a picture of the bag in case anyone was interested.